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Dave Odart has played a central role in the creation of Trinity’s Drum Kit syllabus 2020-2023, having been closely involved in most areas of the development process.

As a consultant he contributed useful feedback and ideas in the initial syllabus meetings and has continued to advise throughout the process.

Dave coordinated the work on a successful new selection of rudiment exercises – many are his own compositions, and he edited the contributions from other composers. Additionally, he reviewed many of the commissioned pieces and arrangements, ensuring that they were correctly benchmarked against graded parameters.

He is also featured in several of the supporting video resources.

Dave has made a highly valuable contribution to the project, helping to shape the direction of the syllabus with constructive feedback and advice, and helping to ensure that the musical content is of the highest quality.

Pictured here is Dave with two of the new publications for 2020.


Andrew Hatt

Qualifications Development Manager – Music

9cfcf97e-2a0e-410f-a6d2-6853058b86e8 IMG_7768 5 Dave and DuncI had a fantastic day filming on location near Milton Keynes for the new 2020 Drum Kit syllabus. I cannot wait until it is released in September! A big thank you to Martin Potts for the loan of this fantastic Mapex Armoury series drum kit and the impressive sounding Paiste 900 cymbal collection. The whole set looked and sounded amazing!

Hi Guys,

I have just added two brand new backing tracks to practise with the exercises in my book. One is full on hard rock/metal that gives the rhythm exercises almost a half time feel due to the fast 16th note based guitar riffs and a dance tune which started off sounding a little like Depeche Mode and ended up more Daft Punk! Enjoy using these, keep practising!


It has been a great year for me and my students. Everyone has worked hard and made progress as a result. I have now finished my final lessons for this year and am now looking forward to a relaxing  break! Happy Christmas to you all and see you in 2015 :-)